Your Electoral Compass

I just found a neat tool on the web that I’d like to recommend.  It’s called the Electoral Compass.  Click on the link, answer the questions, and this interesting tool will tell you where you stand, in the grand political landscape, and which political candidate to whom you stand closest.

I played along, answered the questions, some of which were a little tricky for me, and this is where I came out:  Economic left, Social Liberal – Progressive.  The candidate I am closest to is Barack Obama (who knew?) and the candidate I am furthest away from is Fred Thompson (what a shock).  That shows me that this tool is pretty right on. 

The tool allows you to see where you stand, issue by issue, with the candidates.  It turns out that there is no candidate as progressive as I am on education and “law and order.”  Oh, well.  I am closest to Obama on all issues.  (Note:  The only Dem candidates listed are Obama, Edward, Clinton and Richardson.)

I encourage you to go to Electoral Compass and use the tool.  You might learn something about yourself!

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