Clinton Attacks Obama’s Record on … Abortion Rights?

In an astounding mailer to NH voters, Sen. Hillary Clinton is attacking Sen. Barack Obama on his voting record on abortion rights.  A quick glance down this blog and you’ll find some detail on his strong history of support in this area, but for kicks, I’ll reiterate the highlights.  You can check the details at RH Reality Check.

1.  100% ratings from pro-choice groups during his tenure in the Illinois State Senate and the United States Senate.

2.  Honorary chair of Planned Parenthood of Chicago Area’s Roe v. Wade celebration.

3.  Only U.S. Senator who supported a fundraising initiative to defeat a proposed abortion ban in South Dakota. 

4.  His healthcare initiative includes reproductive health care as basic health care.

I’ll stop there.  You can certainly read more at the link above.  Now, Hillary’s case is based on the fact, and it is fact, that he voted “present” on several “key” abortion rights bills in front of the Illinois Senate.  He did this because Planned Parenthood asked him to do so.  In fact, the CEO of Illinois Planned Parenthood Council, Pam Sutherland, was quoted, “The poor guy is getting all this heat for a strategy we, the pro-choice community, did.” (See here.)

There is no way that Hillary Clinton’s media machine doesn’t know this.  She has to be fully aware that his “present” votes were part of an overall strategy on the part of representatives of the reproductive health community.  So why, then, is she deploying these mailers?  The only answer I can imagine is to scare voters into believing that he may, 1. be lying and/or 2. be a threat to pro-choice issues.  It is shameful, really, and the exact kind of politics that Barack Obama is asking us to change.


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One response to “Clinton Attacks Obama’s Record on … Abortion Rights?

  1. It’s killing me to even THINK about attacking the first viable female candidate for president, even as she goes down in flames. Can’t do it. Hurts. Too. Much. I hate seeing Edwards and Obama tag-team her. And the cynic in me worries about Obama being all flash and no action. I need to do more research, which I’ve been sneaking in as time permits…. But I talked to some people who were helped behind-the-scenes by Hillary on some serious environmental racism issues, and they said Obama wouldn’t even acknowledge them. I can understand why he might be shying away from race issues right now, but the whole story made me wary. Not that I don’t get all sparkly whenever he speechifies….

    But I thought I would share this HILARIOUS car magnet site. (Sorry! I know it’s retail-free month, so just appreciate the cleverness and tell yourself it’s probably an untrustworthy online vendor anyway.) They’re at I LOVE the one that says, “1-20-2009: The End of an Error” as well as the one that says, “Republicans for Voldemort.”

    OK, next time I’ll be less superficial–promise. How are you?

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