A Rebuttal to Erica Jong or One Angry Feminist v. Another

So this morning, Erica Jong really pissed me off.  Understand, Ms. Jong was one of my heroines as I was finding my feminist footing.  As I was discovering myself, I was both scared to death and thrilled by the poetry in Half-Lives (and most of Marge Piercy’s work, but that’s for another time).  Jong has been an icon for me; a towering figure in the feminist movement that I, and many others, have worshipped in our own red tents.

As I’ve gotten older, though, she has begun to piss me off.  Today may be the last straw.  Not that she cares.  I mean, really, who am I to Erica Jong?  Precisely noboby is who.  But for what it’s worth, I think she’s gone as loopy as Gloria Steinem. 

Here’s the piece:  Patriarchy:1000, Hillary:0.  In this, she argues that poor Hillary can’t catch a break because of all the mean, inarticulate men bashing her unfairly just because she’s a woman.  She also completely negates everything Sen. Obama has done in his career and falls back on that inane “all talk, no substance” argument that belies nothing but the accuser’s lack of intelligence.  I’m so furious with this ill-logic that I can’t put together a sane rebuttal that won’t be filled with expletives.  Fortunately, my famously smart word-girl Sis O can, and she has granted me permission to print her rebuttal right here.  Thanks, Sis, for the great answer.  Y’all enjoy.

Erica Jong, your generational gap is showing.  In fact it is waving.  How old are you, honey, that you are going to make me believe you do not know what the internet or a book is?  When Obama first ran for President, he was giving library town hall meetings so issue laden that people accused him of being too professorial.  His entire stand on the issues is on his website and his entire BluePrint For Change can be downloaded there, as well.  He has written two informative books for which he won two Grammy awards for Best Spoken Word for the audio versions.  They can both be downloaded off that thing, Erica, called the internet.
As a female, I consider it oppressive of you, Erica, to try to make all of us women only vote for Hillary simply based on her gender.  As a candidate, Hillary would not be known if it were not for her last name of Clinton.  And since her husband, whom she has defended, has been such a sexual cad, she may have had a better chance if she did not have Bill’s last name. 
The main point is of the two candidates, Obama is the best candidate. He has the freshest ideas and does not have the negative polarizing history that Hillary and the Clintons have.  Which means that of all the ideas that Hillary may flaunt, she does not have the capability of getting them passed.  I need a President with the ability to get the job done.
So welcome to the new generation Erica.  The new movement that finally judges a person not on gender or color but on their abilities.  That is the kind of the world I am happy to live in.  Erica, it is time for you to take your head out of the sand and come join it.


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2 responses to “A Rebuttal to Erica Jong or One Angry Feminist v. Another

  1. crazyeye

    I have a litany of issues with HRC, none of which have to do with her being a woman. Years back I was very much a supporter of Elizabeth Dole and don’t recall her failure to make headway in the GOP primaries as being a gender issue. The fact is that HRC is incredibly polarizing, most of which is her own doing. Everything she does is calculating whether it is missing an important FISA vote, changing her position on Iraq, or the positioning of her campaign. Articles like Erica Jong’s infuriate me because it tries to make us look away when the problem is staring us in the face. I like the blog, btw.

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