Well the landslide will bring it down ….

I’ve read a couple of predictions lately that the Democrats will win in a “landslide” this November.  Instead of reissuing them or recapping them here, I’ll just point you to the originals and you can make up your own mind to believe or disbelieve the hype.  I’m cautiously optimistic.  As Obama said when he addressed his troops at Obama HQ, we have no choice.  If we care about economy fairness, Darfur, global warming, education … we have no choice.  We *have* to win.

For the predictions, check out:

The Making of a Landslide — A Progress Report

Obama in a Blowout: The Presidential Election Will Not Be Close

To be fair, I’ll also share this article which posits that McCain could return the favor.  I seriously doubt the scenarios, but in the interest of fairness ….



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