Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any weirder ….

The National Press Club, normally known for hosting really respectable lunch guests (like members of Congress; artists such as Annie Liebovitz, Ken Burns, and Morgan Freeman; and even crazy world leaders like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran), is actually hosting Larry Sinclair, the crazy man who made all of the preposterous claims on YouTube about sex and drugs regarding Barack Obama and then failed to provide credible evidence AND failed a lie detector test.  What is the National Press Club thinking?  I’m not usually a “let’s all go sign a petition” kind of girl, but I’m gonna make an exception in this case.  Let’s all go sign this one, over at firedoglake, shall we?

Why is the National Press Club Hosting Anti-Obama Smear Merchant?

And then why don’t you spread the word, like I’ve done.  And just like the good folks here:


Wonkette:  National Press Club Gives Slot to Larry Sinclair??

Daily Kos:  tell the NPC NOT to host Larry Sinclair

Oh, there’s lots more.  See, once again, I am not alone.  Join the club.  Call and write your friends, sign the petition, let your voice be heard.


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