I’m just before screaming

Just a little while ago, I ran across the website for the American Life League (I can’t believe I’m giving you the link to these people).  They have the right to be anti-abortion, pro-life, whatever the hell you want to call it.  What I don’t think they have the right to be, save in the interest of free speech which I would defend with my last breath, is anti-birth control.  But these funsters (I want to say whackos, but I know I’d get even more hate mail than my post on Mike Huckabee being scary) say that taking the pill is just like getting an abortion.  They are so proud of themselves for hosting “Protest the Pill Day ’08:  The Pill Kills Babies” on June 7.  Here’s the post, by Marie Hahnenberg, on their front page:

Thank you to all of the participants across the country who participated in Protest the Pill Day ’08: The Pill Kills Babies on Saturday, June 7.

We educated and informed women on the TRUTH about the pill. This was the largest protest against the birth control pill our generation has seen! It was the first of many national protests against the pill and may God inspire you to continue your efforts in your local communities.

Please send us your stories, pictures and videos to protests@all.org.

God bless!

Seriously?  In a world that is severely overpopulated, we need greater access to reproductive resources world wide instead of more restrictive access.  But these folks don’t see it that way.  Instead, they are even dissing UNICEF on their home page because UNICEF supports reproductive freedom.  Here’s the excerpt:

As you may or may not know, UNICEF, which was started with the noble intent of providing health services to children, promotes birth control, abortion and sterilization. Even though there is a lot of good work being done by the organization, it is impossible to ensure that the donation from Pampers will, in fact, go toward vaccinations that will save children and will not instead be used to kill children.

Interestingly, here is the statement from UNICEF itself:

As a matter of policy, approved by its Executive Board, UNICEF does not advocate any particular method of family planning, believing this to be a matter best decided by people themselves in accordance with their needs, values and preferences. As a matter of practice, UNICEF does not provide contraceptive supplies. UNICEF has never provided support for abortion and it continues to be the long-standing UNICEF policy not to support abortion as a method of family planning.

Let me say this:  in a country where UNICEF is operating, if a woman wants an abortion, she is going to get one, be it safe or unsafe.  If UNICEF can help her have a safe abortion and survive rather than have an unsafe abortion and die, good on ’em, stated policy or not.  But their official position is that they do not support abortion.  They do, however, support appropriate family planning.  Overpopulation is a huge concern in places like Africa and South Asia, where UNICEF has a prominent role.  I wonder when ALL reps were last in those places feeding starving children.  That may not be fair as I don’t know anything about those folks.  But my guess is that if they had spent much time in remote, overpopulated, starving villages, they would change their tune on reproductive choice.

People who are vehemently anti-abortion don’t make me crazy.  I don’t agree with them, but I can let them be, at least until they start blowing up clinics or shooting doctors or appointing Supreme Court justices who might be inclined to overturn Roe v. Wade.  People who are anti-birth control, however, make me want to scream.  I have two children and my husband and I made a choice not to have any more.  We have made sure that we won’t.  It’s none of the ALL’s business.   


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