More on Guantanamo

A few days ago, I wrote on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the right of habeas corpus for Guantanamo Bay detainees.  As a follow up, I’d like to direct you to some reading.

First, check out Tom Lasseter’s article on a McClatchy investigation showing that anywhere from dozens to hundreds of the men imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay were done so for no reason … no good reason … at all.  These men were innocent, turned in for bounty or to settle old scores.  And they were systematically abused by us, by American military members.  Now don’t get all righteous on me about our military.  I am married to an American military officer.  But the fact that our military members have done atrocious things cannot be denied.

Next, turn to Michael Tomasky’s piece on John McCain’s reaction to that same Supreme Court decision.  It’s an interesting look at how McCain’s view of the decision is framed within his support of the Military Commissions Act.  One would think that a former torture victim and military prisoner would be a huge proponent of habeas corpus rights for military prisoners.  The anger that McCain showed in reaction to the court’s ruling is, therefore, surprising, until you read this piece.

Finally, read another of Tomasky’s pieces which reiterates my point about the Court’s decision affirming our system of checks and balances.  He looks at the possibilities of an Obama or a McCain presidency in the lights of this and examines the possibilities.  It’s definitely worth a read.

This decision is worth reading for yourself ( and studying.  It will be viewed one day, I hope, as the first step in reversing the blackness that began to creep into our Democracy after 9/11. 

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