Supporting the AP Boycott

There’s an AP Boycott on, surrounding their attack on the Drudge Retort:

The Associated Press claims that Drudge Retort users linking to its stories are violating its copyright and committing “‘hot news’ misappropriation under New York state law.” An AP attorney filed six Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown requests this week demanding the removal of blog entries and another for a user comment.

I’m in full support.  AshPolitics will follow TechCrunch’s lead:

So here’s our new policy on A.P. stories: they don’t exist. We don’t see them, we don’t quote them, we don’t link to them. They’re banned until they abandon this new strategy, and I encourage others to do the same until they back down from these ridiculous attempts to stop the spread of information around the Internet.

Do you blog?  If so, please join in and spread the word.


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  1. Nicole

    hey you! So your a military wife but a barack supporter – very interesting!

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