Wednesday morning round up

Oh, there’s just so much to read this morning.  First, check out Marsha Mercer’s piece, “There’s no avoiding the race issue.”  Here’s one of my favorite lines:  “It’s impossible to take a racist seriously who can’t even spell writing. But I digress.”  Read the piece to see what inspired this line and for a broader discussion of race and, to a lesser extent, gender in this election.

Next, head over to ABC News and read Jake Tapper’s piece, “‘Danger Signs’ as Clinton Supporters Resist Obama.”  I will freely admit that this article pissed me off.  I think Jake (can I call you Jake?) is relying on some old news and old stereotypes here, like the notion that, “While Obama runs well among younger voters, they are not always reliable when it comes to showing up at the polls.”  Did Jake miss the primaries?  I think we’ve put this issue to bed by now, at least for this election, but maybe I’m wrong.  Hey, he gets paid to do this ….

Finally, to get you really freaked out and back on your haunches about our Constitution and what could happen if we make the wrong choice in November, read “US accused of holding terror suspects on prison ships” over at The Guardian.  Duncan Campbell and Richard Norton-Taylor bring to the light some analysis done by the UK human rights organization Reprieve.  Folks, this all goes back to that disgusting Military Commissions Act that we’ve talked about here, here, and here.  I’m gonna have to do a full post just on that Act here soon, but I hope I’ve given you enough to understand how truly awful it is and Reprieve, through this report, is showing you how truly dark we, as a nation, have become.  

Enjoy your reading.  I’d love to know what you think. 

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