Overt racism at Texas Republican Convention

Republicanmarket, a vendor at the Texas Republican Convention, was selling this button:

Racist Obama White House button

Speechless.  I saw this thing several days ago, but resisted the urge to blog about it, thinking it was so out of bounds, so vile, so ridiculous that it wasn’t worth my time.  Since then, however, several bloggers (see Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott, burntorangereport.com, and Zennies Zeitgeist) have done the right thing (sorry, guys) and called for action.  So, I’m waking up and joining in.  If you’re as offended as we are, please contact these folks at Republicanmarket via email:  sales@republicanmarket.  Do I think they’ll listen?  Probably not.  But it’ll be fun to clog up their email box anyway.  And it’s worth a shot that someone there will have a moral compass.  Please also contact Tina Benkiser, the head of the Texas GOP at info@texasgop.org, and tell her what you think of their sponsoring this vendor at their convention.


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2 responses to “Overt racism at Texas Republican Convention

  1. They’re not even trying to hide their hate anymore.

  2. While appalled, I can’t help but envy the Rethugs balls-to-the-wall boldness. They have no shame whatsoever, which I do not admire. I hope it shows the “Reagan Democrats” what kind of monsterous party they signed upp for, and have the sense to come home . Thanks for the post.

    P.S. Randi Rhodes just mentioned this story.

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