Do I really have to move to Alabama?

Yes, I really am moving to Alabama.  And stories like this one over at make me unsure whether I’m happy or sad.  OK, I’m sad, but maybe living among such hypocrisy might provide some humor, after all. 

The deal is that Alabama Attorney General Troy King was found having fun in his marital bed (that would be the one he shares with his wife) with a male assistant.  Troy King, however, isn’t only the AL Attorney General.  He’s also, or at least was also, the chairman of John McCain’s Alabama Leadership Team.  Quite recently, however, (that would be since this whole thing blew up), all references to Atty Gen King have been removed from McCain’s website.  You really just can’t make this stuff up. 

As usual, King is claiming that the all-boy-romp is purely rumor and he is totally innocent.  I don’t know.  Looks like another case for our boy Dobson’s “Love Won Out” program.  (Yes, for you new readers, that is sarcasm.)  Read the whole article at GayWired to judge for yourself. 

As a PS, let me send sympathies to Troy King’s wife and family.  I’m not sad for you that he may be gay.  But I am sad that he chose this particular method of coming out.


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5 responses to “Do I really have to move to Alabama?

  1. Troy used to write letters to the newspaper while he was in law school ridiculing the gay lifestyle. Of course only closeted little Fundie nut jobs feel the need to lash out at citizens publicly for engaging in private behavior. Oh, you do NOT want to move to Alabama. Do whatever you have to do to avoid it.

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  3. Dan

    Alabama’s a nice place, depending on what part you move to. Yeah we have a few hilarious moments involving our public officials, but what area doesn’t.

  4. Sure there will be culture shock if you move to Alabama, but there’s a lot of good folks here, too. And Troy King isn’t the only public servant who provides free entertainment for the public. The legislature is full of jokers and you don’t want to get me started on city and county officials. It’s definitely a target rich environment for a blogger.

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