Equal Time

This will make all of you who have been jamming my in box with “Alabama’s a great place!” emails quite happy, or at least maybe a little less pissed at me.  Today, I’m gonna hit on the state I’m leaving. 

One morning last week, as I was picking up a cup of coffee at my local WaWa, I spied a headline on a (gasp) print newspaper which said something about Maryland police spying on citizens.  I rolled my eyes and walked on.  Over the next few days, however, I began to hear more specific rumblings.  In the midst of packing and prepping to move, however, I will admit that the story ran to the back of my head.  That was until this morning, when I read this piece:  “My First-Hand Experience With Government Spies.”    And here is the piece via my own local news service:  Maryland State Police Spied on Citizens, Says ACLU.  Who were the dangerous folks the police felt the need to spy on?  Peace and anti-death penalty groups.  Oooohhhh … scary.

OK, so mea culpa.  Other states have issues, too.  Thanks to Dan at The Daily Dixie who, after incorrectly assigning my gender as male and incorrectly slamming me for the Troy King story, did send me a friendly email reminding me that every state has its own version of hypocrisy.

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  1. Dan

    Yeah you got lumped into a big group of links I hastily put together about the Troy King thing. I probably only read the first two sentences of your post.

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