I’m gonna talk about McCain

I’m up to my ears in moving boxes, preparing for that heralded move to Alabama, so posts are going to be spotty around here for a bit.  But I wanted to share with you this article over at Alternet:  McSexist:  McCain’s War on Women.  You will learn astounding things, like that as recently as February, half of women polled didn’t know McCain’s position on choice.  Come on, ladies, this guy has all but declared battle on Roe v. Wade. 

I have been fairly careful, I think, to not talk much about McCain.  My philosophy, as a progressive blogger, has been to follow the philosophy of the Obama camp:  build up your side, don’t tear down the other.  Thus far, that’s been fine and I think it will continue to be.  Recently, however,  I have been bombarded by personal stories from folks about John McCain and I don’t like any of them. 

Right now, I live fairly close to DC.  I am surrounded by people who work in and around the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, and the White House.  Knowing that I am an Obama girl and progressive political blogger, folks tend to share with me stories about both candidates, both positive and negative.  I never post these things here as they’re second or third hand, repeated in confidence, etc.  But they give me a general background on a person or an issue that I can run with.  With John McCain, I have yet to run into anyone … not one person … who has told me about a positive interraction with the man.  I hear things like, “he’s mean,” “he’s vicious,” and “he will turn on you like a dime.”  His temper is legendary, but I’m certainly not the first to talk about that.  I’m not naive enough to believe that the ideal President would follow the temperamental mold of Mr. Rogers.  We need a President with backbone, strength, conviction.  But do we need one who’s temper can make him turn on you in an instant?  Who is “mean” and “vicious?” 

Just food for thought today.  And if anyone has any thoughts to share, I’d love to hear them.  Leave them here or send me an email:  ashpolitics@gmail.com.

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