More Props to Nas

A bit ago, I gave Props to Nas for a song on his new album.  The song, “Black President,” is aimed at Obama and features lyrics like, “Yes we can, Change the World.”  Seems like Nas is doing his part to do just that.  He has joined with in their campaign against Fox News and Fox’s habit of spewing racist propaganda on air (witness terrorist fist jab, the baby mama incident, etc.).  For the full details, check out Fox News On-Air Racism Challenged by Huge Petition Drive and Hot Rapper Nas.

UPDATE:  For video of the event and some coverage on The Colbert Report, check out this great coverage at The Super Spade.

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One response to “More Props to Nas

  1. ashpolitics,

    Thanks for the link. This is indeed an important issue, and I’m happy to see Nas realize that Fox News’ racism must be confronted.

    Let’s make sure that we keep this in it’s proper perspective though: while this specific message was about how Fox is treating Sen. Obama & his wife, it is really a broader critique of racism at the network in general.

    Keep doin’ what you do.

    One Love. One II.

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