Frustrated with the “liberal media”

Yesterday, the “liberal media” was littered with this headline:  “Man held in Fla. for threatening Obama’s Life.”  Like many citizens, political junkies, Obama supporters, I was alarmed, but not surprised.  This is what we saw coming, wasn’t it?  This is what those women sitting in those South Carolina beauty shops over a year ago cited as their reason for *not* supporting Obama:  someone’s gonna kill that boy.  They loved him, they wanted him to lead, but they were too scared for him to support him.

But wait, read the article and you’ll find this:

Another person in the class quoted Geisel as saying that “he hated George W. Bush and that he wanted to put a bullet in the president’s head,” according to the Secret Service.

And then, interestingly,

He was charged only with threatening Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, but not for any threat against President Bush.

So what was really happening here?  Was this guy really only after Senator Obama?  Or was he simply a nut who was walking around making threats against a couple of prominent politicians?  I love how the media seized only on the Obama angle.  Liberal media, my ass.

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