Hopping mad

I have just finished jumping around my room, yelling and screaming.  I’m not kidding.  I’m seething mad, hopping mad.  I’m severely pissed.

Cut me some slack here.  I’m late to the party on this.  I’ve had company for a few days and have been out of the loop.  I’m back in and finding so much to be angry about that it’s making my head spin.  I’ve just discovered this gem from the McCain camp:

Complete and total bullshit.  Others have already tried this, of course.  And the Obama camp hit back hard:

“It is shameful and downright perverse for the McCain campaign to use a bill that was written to protect young children from sexual predators as a recycled and discredited political attack against a father of two young girls – a position that his friend Mitt Romney also holds. Last week, John McCain told Time magazine he couldn’t define what honor was. Now we know why,” said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

Over at Huffington Post, Nico Pitney and Sam Stein report that all but one of the articles mentioned in the ad actually “rip (McCain) worse than Obama.”  The one that doesn’t was written by libertarian Steve Chapman as an op-ed.  Go read their piece.  It’s enlightening.  Like education should be.

Does McCain think that we’re stupid?  Do he and his minions think that we don’t read, aren’t educated, can’t discern between truth and bullshit?  I’m actually afraid that he may be right for a significant portion of Americans who get their “facts” from 30 second ads, Fox Noise, and chain emails.  Lord help us.


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