Too angry to blog

OK, so it’s only 53 days until the election.  I should be blogging until my fingers are bloody.  I should be screaming, proverbially so, until those of you subscribed to my feed have to unsubscribe due to sheer volume.  But I can’t.  I’m just too angry.

I’m pissed that the Obama camp is running scared from Sarah Palin.  These folks are smart, but they’re letting Palin run the show right now.  No, not McCain / Palin … just Palin.  I’m pissed that the mainstream media (liberal, my ass) is taking off with stupid lipstick comments when we’ve got a dismal job market, a major mortgage takeover, and a war on (remember that one?). 

I’m beyond outraged that the spin is continuing to allow Palin to be called a “feminist,” in ANY circle, while she is vehemently anti-choice, fought against universal pre-K, and favors abstinence only education.  Let’s not even discuss her positions on stem-cell research (against), global warming (not attributable to mankind), and evolution (creationist). 

While we’re at it, I’ll just have to ignore, before I go completely off the deep end, the fact that the media has essentially ignored Palin’s Pastor problem (he’s all but in bed with the Jews for Jesus crowd) after they raised all the flap over Obama’s Pastor.   

So I’m sorry I’ve been quiet, but I’m just too angry to blog.

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