Todd Palin subpoenaed

Troopergate gets more and more interesting.  Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd (aka Mr. Mom) has been subpoenaed in the Troopergate scandal.  I wonder why they had to subpoenae him?  Was he not cooperating?  Hmmmm ….

The McCain camp is, of course, blaming this on the Democrats in Alaska.  It’s interesting, though, that the crucial vote came from a fellow Republican from, of all places, Palin’s little town of Wasilla.  State Senator Charlie Huggins came in from moose hunting to cast the vote which allowed the investigation to proceed, thwarting GOP efforts to postpone the investigation until after the Nov. 4 election.  So, sorry, Mac, you can’t cast this one as solely a Dem effort. 

Palin, herself, has not been subpoenaed.  I suppose no one had that much chutzpah.


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