Voter Fraud

I have a friend who is seriously terrified of wide-scale voter fraud and intimidation in this election.  Given the reports out of Virginia of misleading and, perhaps, patently false information disseminated to Montgomery county (think Virginia Tech) college students and the reports out of Michigan regarding using foreclosure records to block people’s right to vote, she’s clearly not being hysterical.  These two cases alone are evidence for Democrats’ conspiracy theories that the GOP is suppressing voter turn out.  In the Virginia case, the targeted voters are young people, who turned out in droves for Obama in the primaries.  In the Michigan case, the targeted demographic is clearly the African American population, which has stronger polling for Obama than for McCain.  And these are just two examples.  We could discuss Ohio and Florida as two others.  And as we get closer to the election, many more issues are likely to explode.

If you’re concerned about voter fraud, you can go to and join Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s campaign to reduce voter fraud in this election.  You can also get signed up to be a poll watcher (check with your local party or candidate’s office).  At the minimum, make sure that you are correctly registered to vote, educated on the issues, and that you exercise your right on November 4.


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