Ruby Rove

Remember that post on Frenemies and how it was astounding that Karl Rove came out against the dirty tactics of John McCain’s campaign?  Here’s a fantastic political cartoon along those lines, by Jeff Darcy for The Cleveland Plain-Dealer:


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2 responses to “Ruby Rove

  1. Howard

    It’s interesting how the dems continually slam Carl Rove, until his statements reinforce their vitriol for the republicans. Actually, Rove said that BOTH dems and republicans ads went too far, but the dems just want to make it look like Rove said the Republicans went too far. I don’t care what the media says, if you connect the dots, it’s obvious that Obama’s lipstick/pig comment, which came just days after Palin scored points with her pitbulll/lipstick statement, was an ugly sexist response from Obama. Now, Obama is crying that he was misinterpreted, while the media, once again assists him in playing the victim. The deck has been so stacked in favor of Obama, whether it’s the media’s refusal to vet Obama in the first place, to giving Obama free rides with Wright, Farrakhan, Rezko, Ayers, etc.. The media, as well as shows like The View, are continuing to show extreme bias against Senator John McCain, while kissing Obama’s ass.

  2. ashpolitics

    Hey there Howard,

    Where to begin …. First, it’s Karl Rove, not Carl Rove. Now that we have that out of the way, perhaps if you had actually read my original post, to which I referred anyone reading this post, you would know that I mentioned in that piece that Rove had also slammed the Obama campaign. I don’t mind you taking issue with anything here, but make sure you know what you’re talking about before you do, please.

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