Let’s export critical thinking instead of tactical warfare

One of my firmly held beliefs is that this world will never settle down unless or until we solve the myriad crises facing the African continent.  One of these crises is the lack of education available for women and girls.  Congress has the ability to help solve this particular crisis by passing the Education for All Act, S. 1259 (H.R. 2092).  The ONE Campaign has advocated for passage of this bipartisan bicameral bill and care is currently asking people to contact their representatives in Congress to co-sponsor the bill.  From care’s website:

Around the world, 72 million children of primary school age — more than half of whom are girls — are out of school. Lack of educational opportunities is both a cause and a consequence of poverty — one that stymies the development of entire societies. Providing basic education to girls has tremendous positive effects in areas like public health and economic growth. Over the years, the benefits reach families, communities and countries as a whole.

The United States can take an important step toward getting children in the world’s poorest countries into school by passing the Education for All Act. This bi-partisan legislation would make achieving universal primary education a U.S. foreign assistance priority and calls for the development of a comprehensive strategy outlining how the United States will play a leading role in reaching this important goal.

While we fight for universal pre-K at home, we should also fight for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves around the world.  Please visit care and add your voice.

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