Push polling Jewish voters in Florida

Remember that post on Lieberman and the Jewish vote?  Well, this is interesting.  I received notice this morning of an email sent yesterday to members of JewsVote.org about push polling in Florida targeting Jewish voters.  Here ya go:

We woke up this morning with a disturbing email in our in-box. It said that in the past few days, Florida voters have started receiving push polls, or fake polls in which the caller “pushes” an untruth about a candidate by phrasing it as a question.

I spoke to one recipient of the push poll. Joelna Marcus received a phone call to her Key West residence that went like this:

She was asked if she is Jewish, and she replied in the affirmative.

She was asked if she was religious.

She was then asked if her opinion of Barack Obama would change if she knew that Obama had given lots and lots of money to the PLO.

Joelna told me the caller admited that the calls were meant for Jews only. And the firm sending the calls, Research Strategies, has a history of working for Republican candidates.

This is just the beginning, and it will only get worse.

These slimy tactics are employed during campaigns because they are effective. The mistake we have made in years past was our collective failure to respond. Yes, the campaign has the primary responsibility to fight against these lies. But if we don’t want to wake up on November 5 to a McCain/Palin victory, all of us have to fight back as well.

If everyone on this list sent ONE email to 100 people, we could reach hundreds of thousands… not even counting those who forward your email to their friends and family.

Take a few minutes and send your email today. 

I’d like to recommend one email in particular, an email we wrote in response to numerous requests from the JewsVote community. It is titled “You voted Kerry, so why vote McCain?” and it addresses many of the most common reasons Jewish voters remain unsure about Obama. Once you log in to my.JewsVote.org, you will find it in the Send Email section.

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in this election. 


Mik Moore & Ari Wallach
co-Executive Directors
Jewish Council for Education & Research

This email was sent from JewsVote.org, a project of the Jewish Council for Education & Research and is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. To learn more about the Jewish Council for Education & Research, visit http://jcer.info. If you are interested in sharing emails like this with your friends and family, go to http://jewsvote.org


Here’s another article:  US Jews report calls disparaging Obama

The PLO assertion goes back to a friendship between Obama and Columbia University professor and pro-Palestinian activist Rashid Khalidi.  Obama sat on the board of an organization which granted Khalidi’s organization some money … six years ago … when Khalidi was teaching in Chicago.  What a ridiculously loose connection on which to base the foundation of this push poll.




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4 responses to “Push polling Jewish voters in Florida

  1. Michael

    I wish I understood why Jews would be willing to support a party that really doesn’t give a rats behind about them.

    I also can’t understand how as Jews we could possibly support Joe Biden, who recently told the Israeli’s that Iran was going to have nuclear weapons and they will just have to “deal with it”.

    I promise you, not all Jews blindly follow the Democratic party.

    And I can also promise you this is one Jew that will NEVER support Barack Obama. Joe Lieberman is not alone.

    Also funny my Mother is also the President of the Republican Women’s Club in my area. Also will not be supporting Barack Obama.

    I am ashamed of my fellow Jews. 😦

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  3. D.Vader

    Sweetie, that isn’t an untruth. LA Times is refusing to release a tape with Obama with Rashid Khalidi. From what I am hearing the tape contains anti semitic remarks by the PLO leader.

    I have no idea why any Jewish people would vote democrat. All they want to do is appease enemies of Isreal.

    This is only 1 shady figure in Obama’s alliances. Put down the Kool Aid and be brave enough to face the truth. Obama is nothing but politics as usual. The media is all but ushering him into office. Polishing his candid speaking and publishing ANY information that makes McCain / Palin look back, while the LA Times holds on to information that could be crucial to peoples decision to vote for this man.

    You honestly cannot say you have ANY idea what he will do in office. He is back and forth on the issues. Says he will only raise taxes on people making $250K per year, now that is being updated to $150K per year (last I checked, $150K – $250K is comfortable, but not rich).

    Basically Obama will be a Robin Hood president. Steal from achievers to give to non achievers.

    Wealth redistribution doesn’t work. What you will have is more and more wealthy people moving their residences to countries that don’t have the tax liability we have.

    We pay the highest taxes in the world…

    Up to 50%. Russia has some of the lowest tax rates in the world. We don’t need more government programs we need less, that is why our taxes are so high because you have had too many senators and congressman already playing Robin Hood with earmarks.

  4. ashpolitics

    Sweetie? Oh, Michael, spare me. And if you want to talk about Khalidi, ask McCain why he gave him a half a million. The rest of your post is a rehash of Repub talking points and it’s all a bunch of crap I’d rather you take somewhere else.

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