Racist undertones

I watched Larry Sabato, the well respected political analyst and professor from UVA, on TV last night.  I don’t remember what channel he was on or who was interviewing him.  It doesn’t matter.  What he was saying is that the lies the McCain camp is perpetuating about Barack Obama will work, especially with the party faithful, as long as they’re not too outlandish.  Sabato knows what he’s talking about.  He’s one of those gurus of politics everyone goes to when they need to ask an expert.  If he says the lies work, they work.

It’s clear that the more outlandish ones work more in this election than ever before because it’s easier for white folks to believe that crap about a black man.  Take the sex ed ad.  This is, of course, the most outlandish yet.  The thought that Barack Obama, by all accounts a dedicated father of two young girls, would want to teach Kindergarteners how to use condoms is beyond absurd.  But when the McCain folks flash up that nonsense beside a not so flattering picture of Obama with a grin on his face looking down at, we suppose, someone shorter and smaller, white folks think, “uh oh.” 

Yes, the ad was outlandish and most people clearly understood that the McCain camp was distorting the truth.  But the ad served its purpose:  it made white people think Obama isn’t safe.

While researching some info for this post, I ran across a great site:  BAGnewsNotes.  Don’t ask me where I’ve been.  This is a great site nominated for a Webby in 2006 for political blogging.  For their take on other racist ads out of the McCain camp see:

McCain Ad Ties Sex With Race  

The Wolves Den:  McCain, Schmidt Fully Playing the Race Card Now

Celeb #1:  Obama as Sexual Predator

And, finally, a slideshow presentation from these folks at NetrootsNation this year:  ObamaPhobia.  There’s more there.  Go have a look.

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