The Motherlode of all Voter Registration Diaries

Hat tip to Jack and Jill Politics.  Go here to find all you need to know … that’s EVERYTHING … about how to register to vote, including info for felons, a hot topic as we approach registration deadlines (more on that soon).  The info is broken down by state, complete with links, phone numbers, and deadline dates.  As an example, and because this is where I live, here’s the info for Alabama:


Deadline for registering to vote is Friday, October 24, 2008.

Voter registration form is here.  Request a form to be mailed you, here.

All forms should be sent to your county board of registrars, the list is here.

Absentee Ballot download, here.  Information on absentee ballots, here.

Contact Information:

Alabama Secretary of State

Now, wherever you live, run to this Diary, find your state’s info, get informed, get registered, get your friends and neighbors registered, and then vote!


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