What happened to transparency?

From Fox (yeah, Fox):  McCain Skips Media Avails for Staged Rallies.  “Today marks the four-week anniversary since McCain held his last press conference (8/13 in Birmingham, MI) and three weeks since his last public town hall meeting (8/20 in Las Cruces, NM).”   So as of today, he hasn’t held a news conference or town hall in 35 days. 

The DNC, of course, is not letting this go unnoticed, launching the “McCain-Palin Press Watch.”   From that site:

John McCain once prided himself on running an open and transparent campaign, saying he could not curb his accessibility to reporters because “that destroys credibility.” McCain even promised to hold weekly press conferences if elected. Add that to the list of broken campaign promises. As his campaign has descended into blatant lies and outright distortions, John McCain has slammed the door on the media access rather than answer tough questions on the dishonest and dishonorable campaign he has chosen to run.

While counting the number of days (and hours and minutes) since McCain’s last press conference, the DNC is also counting the number of days (18 as of this writing) between the announcement of Palin as VP and her first press avail.  That’s an interesting way to run a transparent campaign, don’t you think?

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