McCain and the auto workers

I just sat in on a conference call with UAW President Ron Gettelfi held to discuss yesterday’s piece in Newsweek, “All the Candidates’ Cars.”  Gettelfi was most interested in hammering home a glaring statistic in the piece, namely that while John McCain owns 13 vehicles, Barack Obama only owns 1.  And while McCain’s vehicles come from all over the world, Obama’s 1 vehicle is American and, more specifically, UAW made.

While Gettelfi emphasized the statistic, he was clearly most concerned that McCain is, once again, having problems telling the truth.  At issue is McCain’s claim, in an interview with Detroit’s WXYZ-TV, that he has “bought American all (his) life.”  This, however, turns out not to be true as he owns a Lexus, a Volkswagon, a Honda, and a Prius.  Gettelfi’s point is that if the American public cannot trust McCain to be honest on something as simple as what kind of cars he owns, how can we trust him on the big issues like healthcare, rebuilding the middle class, etc.?

While attacking McCain, Gettelfi also praised Obama, pointing to Obama’s support for Buy America provisions and his “Patriot Employers” plan as evidence of his support for the American worker and commitment to build a strong economy at home.  At the same time, he offered that McCain offers a vision that is “dangerous to our American workers.”  In closing, Gettelfi reiterated that McCain’s seven homes and thirteen cars prove that he is completely out of touch with the American worker and the American middle class. 

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