‘The Push to Otherize Obama’

Props to Nicholas Kristof for his Op-Ed in the NYTimes yesterday.  Please go read it.  I know y’all frequently don’t go read things I tell you to (I can tell, so there), but, really, go read this.  Kristof talks of things we often do:  how folks (like those we’ve mentioned down here in AL) really believe that Obama is Muslim, took the oath of office on the Koran, might be the AntiChrist, etc.  Of course, all of this is crap, but the unique hook Kristof has is that the folks who say this often site his own work as back-up. 

The whole piece is worth reading and here’s my favorite line:

(Obama) is far more active in church than John McCain is.

Kristof continues:

(Just imagine for a moment if it were the black candidate in this election, rather than the white candidate, who was born in Central America, was an indifferent churchgoer, had graduated near the bottom of his university class, had dumped his first wife, had regularly displayed an explosive and profane temper, and had referred to the Pakistani-Iraqi border …)

Just imagine.  And then go read Kristof’s piece.

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