Bailout fails to pass House

The House voted down the Bailout measure, 228-205.  A significant number of both Republicans and Democrats voted no.  The market is in a freefall after the news, down more than 550 points as of this writing.  See MSNBC for details.

**Update:  30 minutes later, the Dow has dropped 673.74.  Keep watching.** (2:29 CT)

**Update:  The Dow closed down 777.68 points, its largest single day point decline ever.  See here for more.**

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One response to “Bailout fails to pass House

  1. I’m rarely correct in my predictions, but I sensed there was no deal and this, along with the nursery rhythm Humpty Dumpty, that says, “All the kings horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again,” inspired this song:

    Everything is Fallin’ Apart
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008
    [audio src="" /]

    This is from the album, Lipstick: Soundtrack for the Presidential Election 2008. Stay “tuned” at:

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