Tom Perriello, one of the good guys

This guy:

Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello

is one of the good guys.  He’s running for Congress in Virginia’s Fifth District.  Tom’s opponent, Virgil Goode, is running a despicable ad against him.  The ad shows Tom with a beard, in a darkened image, obviously in an attempt to make him look ethnic (Muslim?) and scary.  The ad attempts to paint Tom as the most liberal guy ever to run for office down there and so lenient on immigration that we all better run for the hills.  For illustration purposes only, and certainly not to advertise for Virgil Goode, here’s the ad:

If you’re so inclined, head over to Tom’s site to help him fight this kind of nasty politics from the Goode campaign.

Update 11/5/08:  It appears that Tom has beaten Goode.  While we have yet to see a major news outlet declare for Tom, the evidence was strong enough for Tom to declare victory.  A source familiar with the race called me last night to confirm that the seat went to Tom.

Update 11/6/08:  For those taking me to task for not watching Tom’s ads, here’s my reply:

One of these days, folks will realize that there’s a difference between ads telling the truth and simply stating fact and attack ads:  distorting truth and telling falsehoods. 

Goode has done some extraordinary things: holding a fundraiser on 9/11 (Tom and his staff were packing care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan);and  fussing that there are too many Muslims in Congress (there’s one, Keith Ellison, and we are a nation which believes in the freedom on religion); just to mention two.  

Tom has also done some extraordinary things:  he helped force Liberian dictator Charles Taylor from power (before he ever ran for any office); and he has organized against the genocide in Darfur by, among other things, founding; just to mention two.  I’ll take Tom’s record.        



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4 responses to “Tom Perriello, one of the good guys

  1. Julie Guidry

    Are you serious – Virgil’s ads were offensive. Tom Perriello has run the most disgusting campaign I’ve ever seen and unlike Perriello, I’ve lived my entire life in Virginia. Perriello’s ads were half truths accusing Goode of corruption. All the while, where did this “good guy” get his campaign money from? New York, that’s where. Perriello is obviously a smart guy who may have won the fifth district seat on Obama’s coattails, but in two years, most of the Obama supporters will not care about the congressional electin and hopefully we can once again elect a decent public servant as fifth district congressman. I’m sure Dan Daniel is rolling over in his grave.

  2. Sandy B.

    I agree with Julie. I found Periello’s ads much more offensive in a campaign where there was far too much negative. Virgil Goode is a fine man and has been in public service nearly his entire life. To see the Perriello ads just made me sick, however, not as sick as I will be if indeen Perriello has won our congressional seat. The fifth district has a long history of fine men representing it as the last comment said starting with Dan Daniel. Daniel was a democrat who understood his constituency. I don’t know of anyone who lives in my neighborhood who would approve of Perriello’s ads on Arab tv apologizing for our troops. Who the hell does he think he is? Two years can’t go by quickly enough, IF in fact, Perriello is declared the winner. Virgil – please don’t give in and don’t go anywhere, the informed voters of the fifth want you back.

  3. Izzy

    Does this website check any facts. Did you bother to see any of Perriello’s campaign ads? I have no idea why I’m asking, because the answer is obvious. This was a very negative campaign and Virgil should have stayed positive. When you lie down with dogs, like this Perriello fellow, you get up with fleas.

  4. Crystal

    We are talking about the 5th district race in Virginia, right? The one where Virgil Goode repeadtedly ran negative ads about Tom Perriello…including doctored photos portraying him as a scary terrorist and personal attacks? The one where Perriello consistently ran positive ads that addressed the issues?

    There is so much misinformation in the posts above that I’m not sure where to begin. Perriello has lived his entire life in Southwest Virginia, with the exception of a stint in Law school and then some time in Sierra Leone and Afghanistan, working to overthrow dictators and improve the quality of life for residents there. He is a member of the New York bar, simply because that’s where international security cases are tried.

    As for finances, it’s true that Tom has received money from all over the country – because that many people are excited about his campaign. His law school friends and extended family contributed from all over. He received money from every district in the state – from lots of individuals, making small investments, who believed in his campaign. He never took money from PACs or special interest groups – unlike Virgil who received most of his money from big oil and other large corporations and special interest groups.

    The fifth district does indeed have a history of fine men representing it, including Dan Daniel and Virgil Goode, Sr…both of whom must be rolling over in theiir graves. They were both fine men who would have never considered taking illegal PAC money to finance there campaigns or redirecting $9 million from an appropriations bill to benefit the source of that PAC. They would never stoop so low as to publicly insult every minority race of people in America, from Black to Latino, at every turn. They would never have uttered the term “anchor baby.” They would have kept their composure in the face of opposition.

    Perriello, on the other hand, has consistently focused on the issues. He has developed a 7-point economic revival plan and a plan for energy independence. He has real experience making lives of the underdogs better – beyond throwing money at a problem. He understands that there are better solutions to illegal immigration than building a tall fence and better ways of energy independence than drilling. Virgil, who has been screaming “drill baby drill” from the rooftops, actually just voted against a bill that would have increased off-shore drilling because it also included an alternative energy plan.

    I understand that Virgil is an institution in the 5th district. I, like most of his constituents have known him most of my life. He attends funerals, weddings, ruritan meetings and church revivals. That is simply no longer enough. He was rated one of the most ineffective representatives in the House and cannot even garner support for his bills within his own party…forget reaching across the aisles and working with the Democrats. Virgil is out of touch and it’s time for this good-old-boy system who elected him to wake up and stop voting for him simply because you know him. It’s time to shift our support to the best candidate – the guy who will breathe some life into Southweat Virginia – Tom Perriello.

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