The Court on OH early voting

From MSNBC’s First Read:

*** A Buckeye bonanza for Dems? Early voting begins today in the battleground of Ohio, as well as in Nebraska. Lost in the news of yesterday’s bailout failure and the plummeting Dow was a court decision in Ohio that could have big implications in the presidential race. In a 4-3 decision, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld same-day voter registration and absentee ballot casting — a ruling that could help Obama in the state. “The outcome of the court battles is likely to benefit Democrats in a state that narrowly awarded President Bush re-election in 2004,” the AP writes. “Obama’s campaign has organized car pools beginning Tuesday from college campuses to early voting sites. The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless is ferrying voters from homeless shelters to polling sites in the Cleveland area. Other organizations that seek to increase poor and minority participation in elections are transporting voters from low-income neighborhoods. The targeted voters have all traditionally had a harder time getting registered, and then getting to polling places on Election Day. Thanks to Monday’s court decisions, these Democratic-leaning voters can do it all at once.”

(Lazy blogging, but I’m on the run and you *need* this info!)

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