Listening to Barack

OK, so now I’ve got Barack in WI in the background on MSNBC.  The first thing I notice is that he sounds much more optimistic and positive than McCain.  McCain spent time talking about how Americans won’t be able to get loans, buy cars, buy homes, etc.  Barack was very clear that Americans will be able to get loans for cars, for example, but small businesses and large businesses alike will hurt desperately and the major job losses could come if we don’t pass this “rescue” plan.

Notice that the “bailout” plan has now become the “rescue” plan.  Smart change in rhetoric.  I don’t know if he’s the first to use it, but it’s smart, nonetheless.

Barack’s now said, for at least the second time in this speech, that we should end the war in Iraq to save our budget, among other things.  He’s just brought up the fact that Iraq has a budget surplus while we have a huge national debt, saying, “It doesn’t make sense.”  No, Sen. Obama, it doesn’t.

He’s just owned up to the fact that “some useful programs that (he’s) proposed on the campaign trail” may have to be delayed because of the economic crisis and the size of the rescue plan.  He’s compared it to needing a new coat of paint on your house vs. taking care of a crumbling foundation or termite problem.  He’s promising to still take care of energy issues, education issues, job creation, an economic stimulus package and agenda, etc. 

He’s off on his stump speech at this point so I’m gonna sign off this post.  If anything new or different comes up, I’ll update.

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