Nasty ad supposedly hitting the air today in PA and MI

For a few months now, there’s been a 527 smear piece available on YouTube called “The Real Barack Obama.”  The piece was put together by a guy running the website, which has the slogan, “…hoping to become the ‘Swiftboat’ 527 organization of 2008.”  As soon as the Obama campaign became aware of it, they posted a rebuttal at their Fight The Smears website.  (Yeah, linking to Fight The Smears, but not to that ridiculous 527 site was on purpose.)

While the Obama campaign was convinced that this piece of crap would never hit the airwaves, despite the pH guy’s determination that it would, the piece is, indeed, hitting the air today in PA and MI, if the press release I received this morning is to be believed.  So in the same week that we have the Republican official forwarding the “Obama is the AntiChrist” bullshit, we have this “ad” being released.  Puh-lease, people.

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