Oh, people, relax

So all over the ‘net, folks are flipping out that Rep. Burgess from TX “let slip” that we are under martial law!!!  Damn.

This is what makes me crazy about people … on both sides of the political divide … who don’t educate themselves before they open their damn mouths.  Martial law in the House is essentially (and, yes, I’m way dumbing this down) a provision that says, “let’s not take time to go through every fine point of the 1700 pages of this bill and just ram it through.”  It allows the Speaker and House flexibility to not follow certain procedural rules, like waiting periods, in order to pass legislation more quickly.  In the case of the bailout plan, this makes sense, no?

So, no, folks, the Speaker of the House, even if it were in her purview, has not declared Martial Law in the US.  And next time you wanna go flippin’ out and scaring your friends and neighbors … why don’t you do a little reading first?  Thank you.


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