VP Debate, By the Numbers

So who won?  Let the numbers speak:

CBS Poll:  473 uncommitted voters:  Biden won 46% – 21%

CNN shows Biden winning 51% – 36%

MSNBC.com currently (6:08 am CT) has Biden up 51% – 38% with 600,359 people voting.  No this *not* scientific, but is representative of politically involved ‘net users.

All three poll numbers essentially mimic each other.  While Palin did better than expected … that is she didn’t implode … Biden clearly took the night.


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2 responses to “VP Debate, By the Numbers

  1. ashpolitics

    As of 7:26 am (CT), I haven’t seen any numbers from FOX. If anyone has them, please either email me or post here. Thanks.

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