I don’t know what to say to this

A jaw drop really is my only response.  From the Panama City News Herald, October 2:

MARIANNA (FL) — A Marianna Middle School teacher was suspended after students said he used a racial epithet directed at presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Seventh-grade social studies teacher Greg Howard was given a written reprimand on Wednesday for “racially inappropriate comments” he made in his clas room on Sept. 26, according to a Jackson County School Board news relase.

Howard reportedly wrote the word CHANGE as an acronym on the board and wrote an expletive with the letter “N.” The phrase he wrote has been reported as “Can You Help A (expletive) Get Elected” and “Come Help A (expletive) Get Elected.” School district officials did not return calls seeking comment Thursday, and Howard could not be reached.

Howard was suspended without pay for 10 days that began Thursday, and he was relieved of his football coaching responsibilities and transferred to the Jackson County Adult Education Program, according to the release. He also will be required to submit a letter of apology to the students involved in the incident and attend diversity and sensitivity training, the district reported.

“Actions of this nature are inappropriate (and) will not be tolerated by the Jackson County School Board,” the news release states.

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