Get your BINGO cards!

The ‘net is loaded with BINGO cards for tonight’s Presidential debates.  Click the links and take your pick!

1.  BINGO with a motherhood bent:  points for FMLA, flex time, after-school programs, equal pay for equal work, etc.  This one is more like a tally sheet than BINGO. 

2.  Irregular Times:  These folks offer you three ready made cards and a blank one you can use to create your own fun times.  Sample words / phrases:  P.O.W., more of the same, maverick, Bill Ayers, that’s a great question ….

3.  A random card will appear, but if you don’t like it, you can click “shuffle” and get a new one.  Sample words / phrases that appeared on my card:  my friends, reach across the aisle, earmarks, community organizer. 

4.  Monkey Minion Press:  These folks have created a blank, but colorful and fun, BINGO card that you can fill in with your own words.  Some of their suggestions are:  Reagan, terrorist, golden parachutes, the Bush administration, Gen. Patreus (they have a very long list).

5.  Presidential Debate Bingo:  They encourage you to stand up and shout, “Shenanigans!” when you get Bingo.  Classic.

Enjoy the playdate, er, um, debate tonight.  Let me know if you play BINGO!

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One response to “Get your BINGO cards!

  1. I played! Thanks for linking to my bingo cards! 🙂

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