Even today, John?

Even today, as the market is crashing down around us, McCain is focusing on this Bill Ayers stupidity.  Is this leadership?  Can he not find something more important, something more substantive to talk about?  This makes me very, very angry.  They talk about Obama’s judgement, but where is McCain’s?  We need him to show how he would lead us out of this mess and this is what he talks about.

Ta-Nehisi Coates says explicitly what I implied a few a days ago:

Let me be clear–This is the ghost that McCain Campaign is summoning. This is the Ring Of Power that they want to wield.  The Muslim charge, the “Hussein” thing is nothing more than today’s red-baiting, and it is what it was then–a cover for racists. You may say I’m overreacting, and I really hope you’re right. 999,000 out 1 million times we’ll go on like normal and proceed to Election Day. But if some shit pops off, the thug and thug-mongers will not be able to throw up their hands and say “How could I have known?” Ignorance will not save them. Their stupidity is a scourge on us all.

Even today, John is continuing this thuggish, irresponsible, dangerous line of attack instead of showing any kind of leadership which might help calm and lead us in what are increasingly frightening times.

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