What would Hannity say?

I got an email this morning asking this:

Why is Bimbo Palin parading her pregnant daughter around on the stage while she campaigns? Is she trying to “reach out” to  America’s youth with this blatant exhibition?  
Can’t you just hear the shrilling of Limbaugh, OReilly and Shaun (sic) if Barack did that?
Those “family values” people have neither shame or morality. 

Thought, folks?

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One response to “What would Hannity say?

  1. sethkahn

    She’s not exactly parading her pregnant daughter; she’s using her pregnant daughter as a shield. It’s a lot harder to criticize Palin when anything you say will be spun as an attack on her poor, innocent child. It’s incredibly cheap exploitation, and I won’t be surprised when Bristol writes a book (or agrees to consult on a biopic) someday in which she grieves for the destruction of her life because of her mother’s vicious ambition.

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