Obama buying air time

The Obama campaign is buying 30 minute blocks of air time on major networks and cable news outlets for the Wednesday before the election.  Unless there is a game 6 of the World Series, he could be on every major network, including FOX, on 10/29 at 8 pm ET.  This will be a very, very expensive move and only possible because Obama opted out of accepting public financing.  This buy will, therefore, leave him open to brand new attacks from McCain on honesty, as Obama once swore to opt into the public campaign financing system, as McCain has done.  It is only because Obama turned his back on public financing in favor of having millions of small donors involved in his campaign that he is able to afford this kind of bold campaign move. 

What will Obama say in this half hour?  What should he say?  Do you think this is a smart move?  Sound off.

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One response to “Obama buying air time

  1. Someone

    I don’t think it’s a very smart move. Obama is winning anyway, to do something this drastic is risking it – because it might rock opinion from side to side.

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