To post or not to post?

I struggled with this one.  I couldn’t decide whether or not to post this and, if I did, what to say.  My friend Seth solved it for me.  I’ll quote his opener and encourage you to go to his site and read the whole thing:

Don’t watch this video if you’ve eaten recently.  It’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen during this whole campaign season.

That, it is. 

The one encouraging thing is the chant, over the cackles of the GOP crowd, of “racist” from the Obama supporters.  At least there were sane people there to call him what he is.

**UpdateTa-Nehisi Coates hits it on the head:

There is nothing troubling about one lone racist nut in a crowd. What’s troubling is the crowd. Dig how they just look on and smile uncomfortably. No one confronts him. This is the banality of evil, no? It isn’t the guy doing the deed. Its the enablers who give comfort and haven to spew his hatred. On one level, I’m thankful for them. Anyone, who wants to now say that an Obama election proves that racism is dead will have to contend with this last week. And it isn’t the nuts that this person must contend with—it’s the crowds, the crowds who silently, and sometimes not so silently, just stand by and let it happen. They are all, to a man, cowards.


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