McCain’s demand for repudiation

I’m watching the debate and astounded at McCain’s consistent demand that Obama “repudiate” John Lewis’ remarks about the tenor of McCain’s campaign.  McCain is insisting that he has repudiated every single negative or improper thing said about Obama.  Really?  Like all the things Sarah Palin has said?  I don’t think I’ve heard McCain repudiate those.  I haven’t heard McCain repudiate the two people at his rally who said, “Kill him” in obvious reference to Sen. Obama.  He is astounding.


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3 responses to “McCain’s demand for repudiation

  1. sethkahn

    Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this one too. All it would take is–

    “As soon as you repudiate your party faithful who have directly called for my execution, I’ll consider repudiating a national hero who hurt your feelings.”

    Simple as that.

  2. Let’s face facts here. Neither candidate is good for the country. They were picked by delegates, so we get to choose from the 2 that were selected for us, and this year, both conventions at a local, state and national level intentionaly were penalized so that the choice was made by even fewer delegates (superdelegates).

    This who countries political system is a scam and “We The People” are out in the cold in our own country!

    Sadly, my country does not exist anymore!

  3. ashpolitics

    Indeed, sgtphoenix, this is the way our Republic works. Delegates are chosen and delegates vote, generally according to the way the people in their districts wish for them to. Our candidates are always chosen by delegates; that has not changed. Superdelegates are not new. Penalties for breaking the rules are not new. The only way our country has changed post-nomination of these candidates is in our ability to boast that we are finally capable of nominating a minority candidate as the major party nominee for the Presidency. No, maybe your country doesn’t exist anymore. In that case, that’s a good thing.

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