Third debate polling: Who won?

Here’s the round up of polling post third debate.  As a note, ’cause I know you’ll ask, I could not, as usual, find numbers for Fox.  What I do know is that they reported that their focus group “overwhelmingly” thought Obama took the night and four of their undecideds had made up their minds by the end of the night … only they didn’t say for whom (or if they did, I missed it).

CBS News:  683 “uncommitted voters” and debate watchers:  53% Obama, 22% McCain, 25% Tie

CNN:  620 debate watchers: 58% Obama, 31% McCain

AOL unscientific poll:  47% Obama, 46% McCain, 7% neither (as of 6:44 am CT with 392,583 votes)

MSNBC unscientific poll:  54% Obama, 36% McCain, 2.6% Tie, 7.3% Not sure (as of 6:50 am CT with 579,893 responses)

Newsvine unscientific poll:  83.8% Obama, 13% McCain, 1.6% Tie, 1.6% Not sure (as of 6:52 am CT with 188,123 votes)

SurveyUSA poll:  878 CA debate watchers:  56% Obama, 28% McCain, 16% No clear winner

The MediaCurves poll is broken down by voter affiliation.  Of 1402 voters, it shows that Republicans thought McCain won 70% to 18%, Dems thought Obama won 81% to 10% and, most critically, Independents thought Obama won 60% to 30%.

If you know of another poll, please let me know.

The final take away is that Obama won all three debates, according to popular opinion.  You can see my round up of second debate poll results here.  You can see results from the VP debate here.

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