Denver Post endorses Obama

The Denver Post, which endorsed Bush in 2004, has endorsed Obama for president.  The endorsement is key in Colorado, a swing state.  From the endorsement:

America’s other most pressing long-term economic problem is health care.

Obama’s plan, while not perfect, is far superior to McCain’s catastrophic ideas. How does it affect the economy?

Consider this: General Motors now pays more than $1,500 for health care benefits, mostly for retired employees, on each new car sold.

America’s competitors in Japan, Germany and China don’t share such costs because their national health care plans are funded through broad-based taxes. Somehow, America must level the playing field.

McCain wants to eliminate the corporate tax deduction on existing health care plans, a cruel corporate surtax averaging $3,500 per employee. That tax hike would force employers to drop coverage for tens of millions of workers. The lucky workers who still had employer-paid benefits would have to pay income taxes on them — a $3,000 tax increase on a typical middle-income Colorado worker. And this massive tax increase on employers and employees alike comes from a man who asked repeatedly in the last debate: “Why raise anybody’s taxes?”

Why, indeed, Sen. McCain?


Republicans love to mock Obama’s history as a community organizer. But here was a man with no money to offer, no patronage to dispense, no way to punish his opponents. All he could do was to work with people from all walks of life, liberals and conservatives, business people and the unemployed, and bring them together in common cause for a better community. Could there really be better preparation to reunite a worried and divided America to again pursue our “more perfect union”?

The Post takes issue with Obama on several issues.  Please read the full endorsement.


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