Obama to leave campaign trail

Quick Monday night note:  Barack Obama will go off the trail on Thursday and Friday to be with his grandmother in Hawaii.  His grandmother is apparently seriously ill and he will go spend time with her. 

I like what this shows about Obama’s priorities.  With 15 days left in this race, this is a horrible time for him to go off of the campaign trail.  And yet he is prioritizing his family, this woman who helped raise him, over his political amibitions.  Michelle will stay and campaign for him and surrogates will still be out on the trail, but the candidate, himself, will be spending private time alone with his grandmother.  He will take a small press pool with him, but will not be campaigning.

I wonder how the McCain campaign will react to this.  Will they be as negative?  Can you attack a man’s character while he is tending to his ailing grandmother?  Can you call him a pinko commie bastard while he’s denying his political ambition in favor of familial obligations?  We’ll see.

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