Two Texas Newspapers Break for Obama

The Houston Chronicle (shout out to Cary and Al) and the Austin American-Statesman have endorsed Obama for President.  I love it when Texas goes for Obama in any way, especially newspapers which endorsed Bush in the past. 

From the Houston Chronicle’s endorsement:

The incoming administration must immediately focus and engage on so many fronts. The tasks at hand will require stamina, creativity and leadership abilities to replace partisan gridlock with a national consensus on what is best for the American people. The new leadership team must have the intellect and temperament to tackle complex issues with equally sophisticated solutions. The current go-it-alone mentality in the White House on foreign policy must give way to an effort to work in concert with our allies while engaging our enemies at the negotiating table as well as on the battlefield.

After carefully observing the Democratic and Republican nominees in drawn-out primary struggles as well as in the general campaign, including three debates, the Chronicle strongly believes that the ticket of Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden offers the best choice to lead the United States on a new course into the second decade of the 21st century.

Obama appears to possess the tools to confront our myriad and daunting problems. He’s thoughtful and analytical. He has met his opponents’ attacks with calm and reasoned responses. Viewers of the debates saw a poised, well-prepared plausible president with well-articulated positions on the bread-and-butter issues that poll after poll indicate are the true concerns of voters. While Arizona Sen. John McCain and his running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin have struck an increasingly personal and negative tone in their speeches, Obama has continued to talk about issues of substance.

From the Austin American-Statesman’s endorsement:

It’s true that Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, is a relative newcomer. In making the national acquaintance, however, he not only has offered solid ideas but also rallied a mix of discipline and organization to propel him from long shot to the top of the ticket.

In the third and final debate last week, John McCain, the Republican senator from Arizona, tried to bait him into the gutter, but Obama refused to get down there. Political wisdom dictates that candidates who are attacked return double the fire directed at them. Obama responded calmly, defending himself but declining to respond in kind.

Now that’s change.

There is, of course, lots more to read in both endorsements.  I hope you will.



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2 responses to “Two Texas Newspapers Break for Obama

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  2. Indtxwm

    I think this is great. I have become a Obama support and hope that many of other texans will too. I wish I could find more info regarding the way Texas is leaning. I don’t think the national polls really look at us anymore since we have always been a republican state.

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