Benedict Powell?

Y’all know how much I love political cartoons.  I don’t love this one.  Yesterday, editorial cartoonist Gordon Campbell released this gem:

Gordon Campbell, 10.20.08

According to E&P:
Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Clay Bennett, now of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, said on cartoonist Rob Tornoe’s blog: “As much as the word ‘traitor’ has already been bandied about this election campaign, is it fair to accuse Powell of ‘treason’ just because he endorsed a Democrat? To inject race into the accusation (as if skin pigmentation was the determining factor in the endorsement) seems to be playing to all of the ugliest sentiments being expressed by the lynch mobs that John McCain is trying to pass off as campaign rallies.”
This is getting completely out of hand.  Powell has been one of the right’s most respected Generals and the standard bearer for their campaign of “look how color blind we’ve become.”  What we’re starting to hear is, “Boy, we made you.  How dare you turn on us now.”  It’s disgusting and disrespectful and makes them all look like a bunch of idiots.  Descending into portraying him as Benedict Arnold in blackface is beyond lunacy.

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