There’s a lot of good stuff on the blogs this morning.  Over at TooSense, he’s taking it to Whinin’ Ass White People (WAWP).  Check this:

Memo to my white brothers and sisters: we own 95% of the fucking country, you morons! We have the best jobs; the best land; the best schools; the most tax breaks; and generations of accumulated material wealth. All but two Supreme Court Justices have been white, and every single President so far has been white. The vast majority of elected officials in this country have been and are white. The vast majority of media figures are white. Almost every wealthy person in this country is white (seriously, take away Oprah and Bob Johnson, what’s left?) HOW THE FUCK IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO BE OPPRESSING US WHEN WE OWN EVERYTHING?

Stop whining, white folks. There’s nothing worse than a WAWP. White people whining is exactly like those spoiled little girls on “My Sweet Sixteen” screaming because daddy only got them a Hummer instead of a Lexus. It’s not just disingenuous, it’s obscene.

We’re not victims, we’re not oppressed, we’re not disadvantaged. Nobody is holding us back from anything because of our race. We’re in the catbird seat. We won the wars, the toys are ours. We have nothing, absolutely nothing, to justify crying in our beer. Individually, a lot of us are hurting because of the state of the economy. But collectively? We have the cow, the milk, and the cream. So shut the fuck up about being victims, okay?

What he said.


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