One Trillion Dollars

Rob Simpson wondered if Americans understood just how much money we were spending in Iraq and so he went on a quest to explain it, in real terms.  When spending reached $1 trillion, he wrote a book and created a website:  What We Could Have Done With the Money.  In the book, Simpson describes how we could have done the farcial (paved the entire interstate system in 14k gold) to the practical (given every student in the US a free college education).  At the website, you can go on a $1 trillion shopping spree.  I tried to spend $1 trillion and ended up at $110,146,165,100.  Here’s what I bought for that amount of money:

Every NFL franchise
The Yankees and The Mets
3 Air Force Ones and 3 Airports for them
1 Race Track, 1 Theme Park, and 1 Casino
I bought the world a Coke
Money to prevent the next Katrina and levees to do the job
Dracula’s castle and a winery in Napa valley
I fed 100 children from birth to the age of 18, fed 100 people around the world, and housed 100 families
I built kitchens for 100 disabled veterans
I helped 100 women start small businesses
I adopted 100 polar bears
I built 100 miles of monorails to build mass transit infrastructure
and, finally, I built and equipped 100 hospitals in 3rd world countries

And I couldn’t come close to $1 trillion dollars.  The new estimates are that the Iraq war will cost us $3 trillion dollars.  Wrap your head around that.

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  1. Juanita W. Martin

    What is the price of freedom? What is the price of not seeing our own cities destroyed by war on the ground as the Iraqi cities were? What is it worth to you to have the terrorists kept at bay several thousand miles away? Or would you rather wait until they come over here and see them bombing our towns and cities? Where will you draw the line? You hardly even knew a war was going on, but YOU were protected so you could go about your daily business undisturbed and could complain freely.

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