Voter fraud report: Louisiana

Received via email:  h/t NewsfromUnderground:

I thought you’d be interested in this bit of news…

Yesterday I received my absentee ballot from Louisiana and guess what was missing?  The presidential ballot.  Outraged, I went down to dinner and began speaking to other students and I would say about 5 out of 10 people I talked to said they’d had an issue with absentee ballots as well.  Some hadn’t received their ballots yet and others also had materials missing, though I was the only only who was missing the presidential ballot.  It seems that this is a system wide deficiency and though I’d always heard that our voting system was flawed, I’d never experienced it first hand.  This morning I called the Registrar of Voters in New Orleans and their solution is that I have to find a fax machine so that they can send me my ballot, then I have to fax my ballot back to them waiving my right to secrecy…But what choice do I have?  I can vote, or I can not vote.  I then called my mom, a lawyer, and she has already called the local newspaper, the Obama campaign, and the Registrar of Voters to let them know that she is planning to file a class action suit on voting rights against the state of Louisiana with me as a principal plaintiff. 

Anyway, I thought you’d like that given our country’s practice of invading other countries in the name of democracy. 


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