Happy Halloween!

Here’s some fun political sweet treat info for you this Halloween:

  1. Over at Jones Soda, the “Yes We Can” Cola is their best selling Campaign Cola with 13,902 bottles sold.  The “Ron Paul Revolution Cola” is second with 6060 bottles bought; “Pure McCain Cola” third with 3492; and “Capitol Hillary Cola” comes in fourth with 2148 bottles bought.  The votes are still being tallied with each bottle bought, so head over and cast your vote with purchase.
  2. You can shop Kai’s candy to get your own Obama or McCain (or a combo pack) lollies.  Seriously, you can actually lick Obama’s …. face.  What were you thinking?????
  3. Over at L.A. Burdick, they’re selling boxes of Obama and McCain chocolates.  Obama’s chocolate box has Hawaiian-Pineapple, Kenyan Coffee, Kansas Corn Crunch, Tennessee Sour Mash.  McCain’s box has Arizona Citrus, Hot Pepper Tequila, Peanut Butter, Kentucky Tye.  So far, they’ve sold a ton more Obama boxes than McCain boxes, 3019 – 951.  (I admit that I don’t understand some of the flavors.  Care to explain Obama’s TN connection?  McCain’s tequila?  Anyone?)
  4. Not a sweet fact, but fun for Halloween nonetheless:  according to Steven Silverstein, CEO of Spirit Halloween, a national costume chain, Obama masks are way outselling McCain masks for this holiday 65% – 34%, as of 10.15.08.  Speaking of Obama masks:
Steve Kelley, The New Oreleans Times-Picayune, 10.24.08

Steve Kelley, The New Oreleans Times-Picayune, 10.24.08



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